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Feb 25, 2013 10:00pm PST
're there. emma. emma, where are you? you left us? why did you leave us? emma! hang on. hang on. look at me. i'm gonna get us some help. just hang on. thank you for not leaving me. breathe. [crying] >>> developing news tonight. the major police action underway right now, and what we've learned about the reason for this operation. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. a major law enforcement action is underway at this hour in east oakland. we're told it involves a homicide case and the fbi is involved. we get this developing news now from ktvu's amber lee. she is live near 88th and birch. >> reporter: it is a very active scene out here. i can hear the helicopters buzzing above me, and in less than half an hour ago, we heard a loud bang go off, down the street. an officer told me, officers fired bean bags against the door of a home as a warning. as you can see, a police tactical van is lit up. it appears s.w.a.t. team members are strategizing. >> reporter: we learned this operation started at 4:00 this afternoon and police are searching a home. alameda county she
Feb 21, 2013 10:00pm PST
. us four, we had to debate and fight and go back and forth and it was not easy. this is not unanimous. we love both of you. johnny, your journey ends here. devin, congratulations. >> ryan: devin makes it through and we have to say goodbye to johnny keyser, ladies and gentlemen. johnny, thank you very much. devin, take a stool. you did it. congratulations. >> randy: good luck, brother, good luck. >> ryan: the journey continues for curtis, eliege appall, charlie and devin plus the five ladies who made it through last night but next week a new set of 10 girls and 10 guys take the stage for more sudden-death eliminations. more "idol" from vegas rolls on next wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central. thank you everybody for being here tonight, thank you to our judges and our talented contestants. we'll see you soon. keep it on fox. your local news is next. goodnight, america. >>> three lives come to a fiery end on the vegas strip. one was a bay area rapper, tonight we hear from his father. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. eric rasmussen live now in our newsroom with w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2